Ankara styles for men – Important tips to know for investment


ankara styles for men

Ankara styles for men a hidden secret for ages, Foreign-made clothing has been considered to be the best clothing one could wear. Brand new “ready-made” clothing from abroad was a status symbol and everyone wanted to associate with it. Gone are the days when new English wears like  jeans and T-shirt made you stand out as a wealthy person, except, of course, that they were made by famous designers such as Levi’s, Prada and the like. Nigerians these days proudly display our Ankara home fabrics, which have proven versatile enough to create just about any style that can be achieved with Western fabrics.

ankara style for men

Why should it be ankara styles for men?

So it comes as no surprise that many people are now massively going into  Ankara business, it is because the ankara business is lucrative and seemingly inexhaustible when it comes to design options for men. Although the industry seems already saturated, many people still stick to the line of products made in Ankara because, as they say, “the sky is big enough for any bird to fly. “Considering the possibility of starting an Ankara styles for men business in Nigeria or elsewhere, here are some basic things you need to know that will lead to success in this venture.

Important secrets to know before starting a business in Ankara styles for men

                                                                                       ankara style for men

 1. Creativity/Innovation – Ankara styles for men

As stated earlier, Ankara style for men business in Nigeria or elsewhere is already saturated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join the industry and prove yourself either. What you need is creativity and innovation. Fortunately, Ankara’s fabric is so versatile that you can sculpt anything out of it. We saw Ankara’s clothes, Ankara’s shoes, Ankara’s bags and even jewelry made with Ankara for men. Now you need to figure out what was not made of this flexible fabric and proceed to doing it. You can also make clothes and accessories using Ankara, but don’t forget to add your signature touch to them to make them stand out from other brands already on the market. Your uniqueness is what will attract customers to you, so be different.


2.    Startup size in ankara styles for men business

Even if you have the funds to open a boutique, you still need to start small so you can test the market and see what works. Start your business with a variety of designs, but in small quantities, and see what your target customers prefer. Once you figure this out, you can now create more products to suit your customers’ requirements. It’s much better than having a store full of things that no one wants to buy. Let your customers’ preferences be your guide. Trust me, men are smart.

ankara style for men

3.    Quality materials

Ankara styles for men requires high quality materials to meet the taste of the people. By now you should know that Ankara’s fabrics come in different grades and qualities. There are cheap and widespread, and there are expensive and unique designs. You cannot buy low-quality Ankara and decorate it lavishly and then expect people to buy it at a high price. Because the fact remains that it is low grade. After all, quality is more important than quantity, and if you want to make a name for yourself in the ankara style for men fashion industry, you need to be willing to invest in high quality materials to reach the right level of customers.


4.    Business niche – ankara styles for men

Another important thing you need to consider before starting ankara style for men business is to have a niche – an area in which you can quickly excel. Yes, there are people who do everything at the same time: bags, shoes, clothes, hats and accessories. But as a new beginner, it is in your best interest to start with one aspect first and grows with it .If you are already passionate about tailoring, start here. It’s easier to excel at what you’re good at than trying to be a master and failing in the end. Start with your strong point and then move on to other categories as your business grows.


5.    Uniqueness

Uniqueness in ankara style for men business may seem difficult because thousands of people are already involved in Ankara’s business. But you know what, you can still stand out from the crowd – all you need is your own level of creativity. As we mentioned earlier, creativity is one of those things that will guarantee you success in this business. Nobody wants to wear a fake. We all want to look good and feel special. Your      customers should be able to distinguish Ankara clothing from your brand and from another brand. You need to dig deep and think about something exclusive to you that you can use as your signature for all your creations. It could be a logo, some kind of decoration or a set of other fabrics mixed with your Ankara style for me. But done in a way that is completely different from all the “million and one” styles already on the market.

 Home of quality ankara materials in Nigeria

Ankara fabrics are easy to find because they are available in almost every local market in Nigeria. However, if you want to purchase top quality Ankara, especially in Lagos, you need to visit a few specific markets. The most famous market for buying original Ankara is Balogun Market on Lagos Island, Nigeria. This is the perfect place to wholesale Ankara for all the engaged in ankara style for men business, as there are tons of designs and textures to choose from. This is a marketplace where you can connect with major distributors who ship fabrics directly from textile manufacturers. In fact, if you want to create your own unique design, this is where you meet the right people to make it possible.

Another major market where you can buy the original Ankara is the “Brown Street” in Oshodi, while this market is not as extensive as the Balogun market, it also an alternative and offers buyers a variety of designs and quantities, especially if you are interested in bulk shopping. Some of the local distributors also have direct contact with textile manufacturers. Ankara style for men has come to stay as a very large lucrative business in Africa and beyond. So if you don’t feel like you’re in the hustle and bustle of the big Balogun market, this is your next best option. People looking to buy Ankara fabrics from outside Nigeria or Africa can do so online at sites like, one of the largest markets offering local fabrics in Africa. Identify original from fake Ankara is very important in creating Ankara styles for men, you must bear in mind that anything that has the original version has a copy / fake.

After all, not everyone can afford the original, so knockoffs are usually more appealing to the masses, who also want to look good but can’t afford to shell out a ton of money for the luxury. If you want to do business in Ankara, you must be able to distinguish the original from the fake, because your potential clients will probably be able to tell the difference. Genuine Ankara  fabrics are soft, flexible, with neat edges. On the other hand, substandard or fake Ankara fabrics are very tough to the touch. They wrinkle easily and tend to have frayed or uneven edges. Folding fake Ankara material is similar to folding paper, so no matter how beautiful it looks, the tough texture is an important indicator that the fabric is fake.


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