Children hair style – Secrets you might need to know


Children hair style is the most interesting part of their looking good, it make them look like a role model. Most parent rarely take note of the confidence in the eyes of their children when they are dressed beautifully with beautiful hair styles. It does gives them confidence among their peers, makes them look smart, loving and intelligent.

Parental care

Why parents need to take care of their  hair style is to enable and showcase the beauty in them, even when they seem crying when making the hair, at the end of it all, children still appreciate their beauty  as the real them comes out.

Most parents, like me, never knew that giving children hair style stylishly could really make them happy. I always compromise that with my little daughter, by not giving her the best children hair style apart from the regular tomatoes hair style, because of her usual cries when making her hair.  Of course, I won’t want my baby to be crying because of common hair style. Till this particular day, when we all went out for a birthday party, seeing her peers with beautiful and stylish hair style, she whispered to me’ mum, I don’t want to be barbing my hair again. I want to plate this hair style and she pointed it out to me.

It was a great discovery for me that faithful day and I feel I should share with other parents.

Hair style – Some girl’s beautiful style

  1. Two shukwu

2. Shukwu plus Jara

3. Shaki

4. Abuja flyover

5. Shadea

6. Turn me round

7. Fulani hair style

8. Moon and stars

9. Be my guess and among others

10. Round about.

Boy hair

They are other simple children hair style that save time. They are simple ways one can stylishly design children hair especially girl child. Such as:

Criss cross braiding

Make three set of pigtails, then criss braid them up the hair into mini buns.

Spit pigtails

Secure the front portion of her hair, bang included, then section off into two pigtails.

Flip faux fish tail – Children hair style

This is a reverse take on a side fishtail braid

Half bun

Children with long hair, this method is good for them to keep their hair off their face. Take a cut of half to assemble, form a voluminous top knot.

Go to school

Part your hair into two donuts, easy to plate as it is time saving.

All these mentioned thus far are the female children hair style. Looking good is every body’s business, looking good gives boldness and confidence.

Boy hair

Hair style – Some boy’s hair style

  1. Faux Hawk
  2. Afro
  3. French crop hair style
  4. Messy Fringe
  5. Blowout among others.

It is our responsibilities as parents to look carefully and give our children the best of children hair style.


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