Fashion design – Useful information and tips

Fashion design is the representation of a designer’s ideas of final entities or garment in the case of apparel design. Apparel design most time use the Vague term, DESIGN CONCEPT, as a symbol for inspiration or beginning ideas.

Fashion is never easy and of course, not always glamorous as often believe. Behind the beauty, lie a lot of hard work, stringent deadlines, last-minute changes and sleepless night.

Some different types of fashion design

Haute couture fashion

Ready-to-wear fashion

Economy fashion

Luxury fashion

Fast fashion

Skills needed in fashion and design

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

A good sense of the business

A good competitive spirit

Strong visualization skills

Strong drawing skills

Highly creative Artistic

Good eyes for details.

Texture, color and quality of Ankara

Fasion design

Some necessary stages of work in fashion project

Step 1 Study the client brief

Step 2 Research and development

Step 3 Brainstorming and critical analysis

Step 4 Sketching

Step 5 Concept development

Step 6 Revision and validation

Step 7 Execution and completion

The father and one of the authority fashion industry is  Charles Frederick worth(13 October 1825-10 march 1895) He was an English fashion designer, who founded the house of worth, one of the foremost fashion houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries, while the mother of fashion design is Jeanne Lanvin.

fashion design

Some examples of fashion market

High Street

Bridge brands

Haute couture

Diffusion lines

Luxury fashion

6 stages fashion design processes

Step one: define the problem

Step two: Data collection

Step three: Analysis of idea

Step four: Provide solution

Step five: Get feedback

Step six: Improvement


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