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Garlic side effects – Abused consumption and expected reactions

Garlic side effects occur as result of excess rate of consumption despite the multifold benefits of garlic. When consume in large amounts, can lead to a few garlic side effects in pregnant women.  Therefore, it is advisable that consumption of garlic by both pregnant women and individual person must be at considerable quantity.

Garlic side effects on pregnant women

  1. Blood thinner – Garlic side effects

Garlic if  consume in excess may lead to uncontrollable bleeding during labor or delivery, whether normal or C-section.

  1. Low blood pressure.

While low blood pressure can be beneficial for women with preeclampsia, it may be harmful to others. During pregnancy, the blood pressure lowers due to expanding vessels in the first few weeks. However, when the blood pressure drops to a dangerous level, it may send a woman’s body to shock and she might faint.

3. Negative reaction – Garlic side effects:

Garlic may react negatively with certain anti-coagulation medications like insulin, cyclosporine, coumadin, and saquinavir. It can increase the insulin release and lower the levels of sugar in the blood.

 4. Lower one’s ability to absorb iodine and lead to hypothyroidism

Many women believe that eating garlic during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage, while garlic has certain properties that may cause a miscarriage, but it happens only when a woman consumes it in large quantities

5. Eating garlic can boost the weight of the baby

Research shows that if you eat garlic, the chances of your baby being born underweight or prematurely become much lower than if your diet did not contain garlic. If you take garlic tablets, you can significantly lower the chances of having birth complications. Experiments show that garlic extract stimulates the growth of placental cells and enhances the activity of enzymes.

We cannot stress enough that garlic is good in moderation. Just keep an eye on your garlic intake and you will be fine. While we are talking about garlic side effects, we want to answer two more questions. First of all, are there any side effects from eating garlic on an empty stomach? The answer to this question is no, so eat some garlic first in the morning second. Another common problem is whether garlic can cause miscarriage. Actually it can, but don’t worry just yet. You may need to eat a whole head of garlic to terminate your pregnancy (please don’t). As long as you eat no more than four cloves, you and your baby will be fine.



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