Happy birthday to a friend – Birthday message you might love

Happy birthday to a friend is message targeted at a friend who has a bond or mutual affection, cordial relationship to one another.

 7qualities of a good friend – Happy birthday message to a friend

Happy birthday to a friend

Being interested in others

It is easier to make more friends within a short period by becoming more interested in other people than getting people interested in you. As you listen to others and get interested in them, they will naturally begin to fall in love with you.


The ability to meet others need is a quality of a good friend. Friend always care and share in time of need, it is important that a friend should always be available for each other and complement one another


Loyalty and submission is a great attribute in friendship relationship that necessitate a birthday message to a friend. It is not common in our generation though, but very essential in true and abiding friendship. And one of the secret to loyalty is by keeping a tight rein on the tongue.

Positive mindedness

Another important quality of a good friend that facilitate birthday message to a friend is positive mindedness. A positive minded friend is cool and good to be with, such friendship has tendency for a positive return, because of effect and impart of association.


Birthday message to a friend could be as a result appreciating a friend for a work well done. Men like and value appreciation, hence, it is important we make it part of our daily living. We are all unique in our various ways.

Like mind

People of like mind that has similar goals and purpose can likely be true friends. Having the same goals a good quality of good friends. It could be hobby, sport, academic, volunteer project and lot more. At least, let there be something that you both should in common as goals in life.

Honesty and integrity – Happy birthday to a friend

The issue of honesty and integrity is very critical in friendship and also encourage birthday message to a friend. Being truthful and being honest is the key to cordial friendly relationship. Now, I believe you have learnt a lot about who a friend is. Don’t forget, always say happy birthday to a friend.


25 Happy birthday to a friend message you may like


1 you are, and will always be happy and healthy. Have a happy birthday now and forever.

2 I love you my dearest friend and am so excited to share your special day with you.

3 All the best of the year my friend

4 have a good one, friend like no other

5 wish you a wonderful birthday; words cannot express how happy I am with you that you made it through.

6 may your birthday be filled with laughter, enchanter

7 I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration, happy birthday to a friend

8 We all wish you a day filled with happiness and a joyous day

9 may your birthday be a special day that you will receive all that you have ever desired

10 I am sending you good vibes and smiles for every second on this your special day.

11 Special birthday greeting for someone with a heart of gold

12 A rose for an enchanter, happy birthday to a friend

13 happy birthday, may you count your blessings and name them one by one, so you can see how blessed you have being.

14 On this special day in your life, may they fall into any pit that they have dug for you, happy birthday

15 I pray all your heart desires come to pass as you mark ye another year in your life, happy birthday.

16 I pray that you receive whatever you ask for, may you find whatever you seek for, may every door you are knocking open to you. Happy birthday

17 Let go of the past, it cannot be change. Let go of the future, no one can predict it. Also, forget about the present, I did not get you any happy birthday.

18 Happy birthday, you are smart, funny, fabulous just like me.

19 May all your dreams come through, happy birthday

20 May all the blessings and love come your way sugar. Happy birthday

21 Happy birthday to the most wonderful friend I have ever known

22 Happy birthday to the most amazing darling in the world

23 Happy birthday to this my friend like no other.

24 To the most Handsome/beautiful friend in the world… happy birthday to a friend

25 happy birthday to a friend, a friend among friends

Saying a happy birthday to a friend

Make the person to know that he/ she stay so close to your heart. We all need each other to be happy. Remembering the birthday of a friend and going extra miles to offer a gift could save life. And it can also unite people for a stronger bond. Don’t neglect his/her day of birth, help to add up the spices he/she needs to glow in that day. Just a little more effort, you could make the day a remarkable one on the life of a friend. Just say a word, happy birthday to a friend. It seems small but it can heal.

Some happy birthday message for social media platform

1 Yay is my friend’s birthday, help me wish him/her a memorable birthday

2 I want to announce it to you out there that the Lord has added another year to my lovely friend’s years, happy birthday to a friend

3 Put a smile on your face my friend, and keep all other things aside, today is your day

4 I rejoice with you my friend. I cannot keep quite because a year has being added to your many years. Happy birthday to a friend

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