Lion King – The hidden facts that might amazed you

Lion king, why should Lion be called king when they are other big animals that are bigger than Lion in the jungle? Very critical question to ask.

In attempt to answer this critical question, I was made to understand that Lion is a species in the family of felidae and a member of the genus panthera.

lion king

It has a muscular, deep chested body, short rounded head, round ear and hairy tuft at the end of its tail. Lion is sexually dimorphic; adult male lion have a prominent mane. Having discussed and established why a Lion is called a king, we shall learn something new about a Lion.

Useful information about Lion

Scientific name of a lion – panthera leo

Speed: 80km/h ( maximum in short bursts)

Lifespan: 10-15 years (adults, in the wild), male 8-10 years (Adult in the wild)

Diet: carnivore

Height: male, 1.2m ( adult at shoulder) female, 1.1m( Adult at shoulder)

Mass: male, 190 kg(Adult) female, 130 kg (Adult)

Some reasons why Lion is called king

Lion king

Habitation and dominion

Having this knowledge thus far, let now look at this issue. Lion King, Lion lives in Africa south in the Sahara and in Northern West India. Lions do not actually leave in the jungle to be called the king. Their real habit is to hunt in the Savana where they hunt mammas such as gazelles, antelope, zebra etc.

Lion king as the name implies is brought about as a result of their corporation to hunt other larger mammas such as buffalo, giraffe and even crocodiles. The female Lion known as the Lionesses do most of the hunting. Most times they work together to flush out prey.

Coordination and corporation

Another reason why it is called Lion king is the ability to coordinate themselves in search of a prey. One lion will search out prey toward the others, making it difficult for their prey to escape. They also live in a group called pride.  This pride could consist of about 15 Lionesses, and their young and three adult males. An average Lions body is 41/2 to 6 1/2 feet long and its tail is 26  1/4 inches long to 3 1/4 feet, .it can also grow to 3 1/2 feet high and can weigh Up to 500 pounds.

Lion king

Raw strength and power

Lion king has raw power and strength, they are fearless. However, Lion have enemies. Lions worst enemy is the hyena. Hyena eats same food as the Lion, often times, they come into conflict because of food. Another enemy of lion is human being, the beautiful fur of a lion is of very high interest to humanity. this put  the Lion in a high danger of poachers.

Orderliness and discipline

Lion also maintain orderliness and discipline, they make laws and punish those who do not abide by the law. They maintain this balance by killing some animals.

In a Nut shell, Lions are called lion king because of their powers and ability to rule their Kingdom. Lions control its environment and all other animals that lives therein.

Hyena could have being seen as the king rather than a lion, but it is said that the ugly looks and walk of hyena disqualified it from being the king in the kingdom. Whereas, the grace and beauty of a lion, makes it perfect to be the king. That is why lion is call a king. It is important to know that Lions rested for about 20 hours a day,They actually live a kingship lifestyle. of a king.




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