Beauty and fashion secrets that will amaze you

It is critical and crucial to know and understand some secret of beauty and fashion that makes you more fashionable and to add value to your life.

13 Most important secrets of beauty and fashion

1. Lay your liner – Beauty and fashion

Beauty and fashion is a professional engagement, if you’re not a professional makeup artist, it can be difficult to line those eyes, but then again liquid liner tends to stay on longer and smudge-free. So what I do as a professional beauty and fashion makes up artist, i line my eyes first with a pencil liner because it’s easier to make that straight line with it. Then I go back on the line with the liquid liner. It’s kind of like coloring. The result, your eye liner will stay on, smudge-free, and well-lined.”

2. In beauty and fashion – Blot with this

In keeping beauty and fashion, ‘’If your skin is on the shiny side, stop by your local Starbucks, grab a handful of those brown napkins, and shove them in your purse. They work better than any blotting papers used and they’re free. And, don’t feel guilty about pilfering from the coffee conglomerate. If beauty must mean anything to you, they’re charging four bucks for some java and steamed milk, they owe you a shine-free face.”

3. For angel hair

“I have extremely thick tresses that get dry and frizzy during extreme seasonal shifts. I apply a conditioning hair masque and leave it on overnight, rinsing in the morning. Hair becomes angelical soft and immediately rescued, and the beauty becomes fashionable.

4. To be attractive in beauty and fashion – Open up your eyes

“Beauty and fashion world required a systematic approach, for instance, take a white eye pencil and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid. This really makes eyes pop! Fun fact: Look at the old black/white photos of the gorgeous women of the ‘30s and ‘40s like Marlene Dietrich and you’ll see this was done to them. Additionally, if your eyes are a close set, use the white pencil to lightly line the section where the upper and lower lids come together, closest to the nose. This will make them appear wider apart. The key here is to make sure it’s subtle, and beautifully attractive

5. Wonderful water

“The best thing you can do for your appearance to glow in beauty and fashion is to drink lots of water. Hydration helps your skin stay moisturized and glowing, boosts your metabolism, and keeps your energy levels up. Spritz water on your face too, especially in the summer, to keep it feeling and looking refreshed and beautiful.

6. Maintain your sexy blow out

“To preserve a blowout, sleep with your hair in a top knot secured with hair pins to keep the texture and shape. When you wake up, I just let it fall and spruce it up a bit with dry shampoo on the roots and if I need to, I’ll refresh it with a blow dryer, then you will experience amazing fashion beauty

7. Face washing strategy

“To keep your skin from drying out, use two different face washes—a heavy duty gel-based one in the evening and a lighter milk-based cleanser in the morning. A lighter cleanser in the morning helps the skin retain protective oils.”

8. Beauty and fashion-A do it yourself method

“You can save money in beauty and fashion by creating your own tinted moisturizer. Just put a small drop of liquid foundation and a dime-sized amount of  daily moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Mix the two and voila! I have my own tinted moisturizer! No new products required.”

9. Always wear sunscreen

To maintain beauty in a fashionable way, no matter what season or climate you live in wear sunscreen on your face hands, any part of your skin that is exposed.”

10. Good oil

“Flawless skin is everyone’s best beauty asset. Apply a drop of omega- and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn seed oil on blemishes to speed up healing and see more perfect skin by morning. It’s amazing!” your beauty will glow.

11. Wash face, moisturized at bed Time

“I always wash my face with the gentlest product: Cetaphil. And I always moisturize at bedtime especially around the eyes so that it sinks into the skin.”

12. Always use chap stick

“Always carry Chapstick on you and never let your lips get dried up and cracked. No matter what brand or color lipstick you wear, chapped, dry lips will show and never look good.”

13. Keep your make up items clean

“Beauty and fashion lifestyle required extreme care and diligence, to extend the life of your makeup by using disposable applicators to avoid the double dip. Makeup’s biggest enemy is bacteria, which are generally introduced to liquid products such as mascara by re-using an applicator. If you’ve ever had your makeup professionally done, you might notice that the makeup artists always use a new, clean mascara wand every time we have to dip into the product. We do this for the safety of our clients so that bacteria from one client isn’t transferred to another, but limiting exposure to bacteria also helps the products last much longer. The easiest way to avoid the double dip is to use disposable applicators which you can generally get at any beauty supply shop.”


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