Love message for him – Lessons you might learn

Love message for him, hurrying into the bank one afternoon to get an urgent transaction treated. Guess what?  An endless queue was noticed at the bank hall that faithful Monday afternoon. Staying on that long queue that never seems to move with a frowned face, not minding who was next to me.

Lover’s experience

These bankers aren’t fast, what a slow day was the thought that was going on my mind. The place was filed with crowd to the extent that the air condition wasn’t effective and cooling enough to sustain the people. The stress was all over my face.

Hello..,. From the left side of my queue,  looking toward the direction was a tall chocolate good looking man, that deserve my love message for him, looking down to my face with a smile.  Hi, I said politely,  trying to hid my feeling and waiting for the next possible questions.

How we fall in Love – The motivation of  my love message for him

You look worried he said. I have been seeing you since you entered the bank. I saw you walking toward the deposit slip, watching you filling your form quietly, but I had to come to you, because I could see that your mind isn’t here. Is there something, I can do for you?  He said.

Care alone motivates my love message for him (still smiling…) Well, really? You were looking at me? For what, i said without smile. in my mind( I thought he was wasting my time)I continued, you just asked me, is there something you can do for me? Did I hear you very well this time; I perceived I should be looking forward to a love message for him. I was looking straight into his eyes to be sure he knew what he said. Looking at him from his head down to his feet, (stylishly) are you a worker here? Off course, he wasn’t dressed on suit, but perhaps, he could be a worker who is on leave or something…

No, am not, but I know lots of people here who can assist me, nice one  please am interested at this point, the smiles have started coming to my face little by little.

Love message for him gradually becomes inevitable. How much do you want to send? He asked with love, giving me the whole concentration, twenty thousand naira only, I said. Looking at him with all anxiety, (he collected the money, confirmed it and said come and seat here, wait for me) gazing at him as he walked toward the bulk room with my money. Hmm, I hope I did the right thing though, what will I tell my mother, if he ran away with my money. I then stood up quickly to go same direction I saw him entering. Where are you going, I heard his voice from the direction I just left.

Turning to him, I saw the customer’s copy of the deposit slip in his hand, smiling…I decided to join you so I don’t seat alone. More reason why I should drop love message for him build strongly. Right he said, stretching his right hand to me with my copy. Thanks a lot i said with a smile, you are welcome he said, putting his left hand in his pocket, as he breathe in, my name is Paul, he said. Thanks mr Pau, I do appreciate, my name is Jayne. Nice meeting you Jayne, he replied, will it be right if I can get your phone number? He said silently, no issues dear, fine get the number (as I called out the number) we shook hands and went our different ways.

Love message for him was running across my mind, Paul never calls me, no text from him either, what did I do? I said to myself, I didn’t ask for his number, which was too bad. Picturing how we met, and how the whole process started, I wished I would have demand for his number too, is a nice person I said to myself; i wish I see him again. About two weeks later, I was sent to same bank, I might be lucky to see Paul( was The first thought that came to my mind), with that happiness, quickly, I ran to the bank, looking round to all directions, if I may see him, sadly, I left the bank without seeing Paul. My mind was filled with love message for him. I became sad on the inside, I wish I could relate this to my mum, but I perceived the danger doing so.

I kept the anxiety and worries to myself, getting Moody and unhappy. While in the process of thinking how the sky may link me and Paul again. I slept off; standing beside me was Paul, well dress, in his usual handsome look, broad chest. I missed you so much my queen. He said to me With smiles, care and affection, he draw closer to me, panting my hair with his hand, do you know I have being thinking of the day I will stay with you forever? He asked, bending toward my face, whispering, I love you so much from my heart, (it was like we were about to kiss) I heard a big slap on my face, getup and prepare for school, my mother, Oh! It was a dream, unconsciously woke up, you mean Paul told me all these in my dream? I asked my mother, when my phone beeped, I had ‘’you are the best thing that have ever happen to me my queen’’ seeing you the other day, was seeing my flesh, a replicate of me. These words triggered me to drop love message for him. I choose not to call or text you all these while, because, I want you to read all other content of how much you are to me from my heart. Great, what a heaven on Earth, my dream comes through… I whispered back silently, I love you more my hero…and is from my heart.





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