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Comparing mindset in marriage relationship

What respect is in marriage, sometime it is important we compare the attitudinal mindset in marriage of the old with the present generation marriage. You might agree with me that the old time marriage was more sustained, endured, and last longer than this present generation marriage.

Analogy – What respect is in the old marriage?

The men of old likened women to a venerable animal like pig, which they believed needs careful handling else it will die. Therefore, women are treated with a lot of care, patient and respect. What respect is in marriage? Respect in marriage means relationship without pressure, not over worked the women, as likened to an animal like Pig; woman should not be over worked. Therefore, the first set of likely questions woman maybe be asked in her husband house by her family, with regards to what respect is in marriage no matter the challenges are; does the man beat you? Did he provide food for you? Did he cloth you well? If all these answers are yes, you will be encouraged to remain and sustain your marriage and your home, especially if you have children as married woman, you will be asked to stay in the marriage for the sake of your children.

Affinity – What respect is in marriage today?

Most men likened women to a rugged and strong reptile like tortoise, that has the tendency to survive and endure pressure, and that has a long life span compare to other reptiles. Men as well compare women to be like a Chameleon that changes colors often. And sometime set of people that doesn’t have respect and regards for their marriage.

What respect is in marriage today also is not an outright independence of the women, disrespect for husband because of societal affluence, women doggedness that lead to frequent frictions and conflict in marriage. This kind of mindset always resulted to a man maltreating woman even sometime engaging in a physical combat. The mindset also threatens the security of the man, because of lack of trust. It often resulted to distrust, close marking and unfaithfulness.

Both men and women are responsible for the attitudinal behavior in marriage relationship. Respect is in marriage is simply love, care, patient and bearing, in order to make an effective and efficient Godly home that God desire from creation.

Let us therefore understand and sustain what respect is in marriage.



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