Tips for successful marriage you might find helpful

Some useful tips for successful marriage that will definitely improve your relationship with your spouse. Marriage  has been the great mystery, the wonders of God and the only institution that the Lord did not provide for graduation until death do you path. What could be the secrets of successful marriage? Situation where people with different ideology, philosophy, family background and home training, sometime different religion or religious denominations, race and language could marry and leave together in love and harmony. There could be some secrets of successful marriage

Tips for successful marriage – Grace

Grace can only be explain as ‘‘unmerited favor from God.’’ Grace is simply means the extension of God’s love, kindness and forgiveness to humanity. In the same way, the spouses also display this great attribute of God to each other even when the other person does not deserve it. There is no pay back in grace, grace work without expectation. Excising grace isn’t an easy task at first because of the human selfish nature, man is always interested in himself, and man always justified his action and inaction, we can always depend on God to give us strength to leave and love each other.

Attributes for successful marriage


Forgiveness can be refer to as an act of individual or  voluntary internal process of letting go of thoughts and feeling of resentment and bitterness express in an anger, and the need for pay back someone who you believe has offended you, including yourselves.


We look at kindness as the quality of being generoushelpful, and caring about other people. Therefore, it is expected the spouse must exhibits this great virtue of being generous to each and very free minded to one another. Another great secrets of successful marriage is helpfulness and caring for each other, for the whole essence of marriage is the meet the needs of each other, thereby fulfilling the divine purpose of marriage institution

Patient – secret of successful marriage

Patient is the ability to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious, the strength needed to bear long suffering unnecessary reactions. It is an integral component of grace. Patient always work out good things.


Love can be view as a deep, intense feeling and affection for someone, place or thing.
A great interest and desire in something, therefore the strongest factor in   successful marriage is love.

Love bear all things, it does not keep records of the wrong, it forgive easily, love understands, it is committed and cover all thing. Love is the strong weapon against failure and distortion. Held on to true love and you will experience a successful marriage.

The rule of imperfectiontips for successful marriage

The secret of successful marriage depend highly on our ability to realize our imperfection, why do we expect our spouses to be perfect? Each of us is only human; we are not, nor will we ever be, perfect in this life on earth. “None is righteous; no, not one.”

Sometime couple perceived that their spouse had a standard of perfection for them, and it felt like a losing battle. I knew it would never be possible, so, you will never win, so why even try?

But when you found out and understand the human frailty and believed your spouse to be the best he/she could be despite the downfalls, and then you will experience freedom to be loved.

Allow your spouse chance to fail. Let him know that in all his misbehaving you still love him, you will love him anyway. That his financial or economic position will not be your determinant factors to love him. Let him know that you’re happy just as you are. Tell him you’re proud of him, even when he feels down … especially when he feels down. You can be the one to give him strength.















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