Churches in Nigeria To Re-open after COVID 19 lockdown

The Federal government of Nigeria in her efforts to ease the lockdown from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, order the reopening of churches in Nigeria for worshippers. Effective from 7th June 2020, with a strict compliance to government guide lines on COVID 19.

The federal government  task force on compliance with COVID 19 guideline warned places of worship both churches in Nigeria and mosque earnestly, to comply with the rules in order to control the unnecessary spread of the deadly disease.

Still a battle for life – Churches in Nigeria

Mustafa says that despite the easing of restrictions, it remains important for churches in Nigeria to comply with all regulations and stay safe in order to prevent the spread of the virus.“Covid-19 is still a struggle for life,” he said at a briefing. “Our move to phase 2 (easing restrictions) does not mean that Covid-19 is over, as Nigeria has yet to reach the peak of confirmed cases. “In making decisions to ease restrictions related to Covid-19, the task force took into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization on the need to improve the contacts on identification, testing, isolation and quarantine that the country is doing, Mustafa said.

Like churches in Nigeria, other African countries such as Ghana, Madagascar and South Africa have also eased their coronavirus restrictions. In April, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo lifted a three-week quarantine in two cities, Accra and Kumasi, citing the severe impact of the restrictions on the poor and vulnerable in the West African country.And in South Africa, alcohol returned to the sale after a ban was imposed as part of measures to combat Covid-19.The alcohol ban was introduced to allow police and hospitals to better focus on fighting the virus.

However, the WHO warned that as countries continue to loosen rules on the coronavirus, it is necessary to remain vigilant and step up testing and surveillance measures to detect any spike in cases.


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