Prince Charles Young paid tribute to his Late Father

Prince Charles young honored the memory of his “dear dad” when details of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral plans became known, including a special request from Prince Philip to transfer his coffin to a Land Rover.

Speaking at High Grove, the Prince of Wales said: “My dear dad was a very special person who, I think, would be most impressed by the reaction and touching things that were said about him.

Prince Charles young

Charles, speaking on behalf of the royal family, said he already missed his father very much. Charles, but was comforted by the worldwide reaction to the death of 99-year-old Prince Philip. He was the consort of the nation for the longest time – the term given to the wife of the reigning monarch. I especially wanted to say that my father, as I believe that over the past 70 years has rendered the most wonderful, devoted service to the Queen, my family and country, but also to the entire Commonwealth,” Prince Charles young said.

Charles spoke up after it was announced that Philip’s funeral would take place on Saturday, and the Duke of Sussex quickly confirmed that he would be traveling from California to attend. However, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan, who is pregnant, will not come on the advice of her doctor, a palace spokesman said. Also on Saturday night, it was announced that Boris Johnson would not be attending the Duke’s funeral to allow as many family members as possible to attend given coronavirus-related restrictions.

A specially modified Land Rover, carrying the Duke of Edinburgh, will accompany the Royal Marines’ coffin. Prince Philip was involved in the development of the car and always wanted to be used at his funeral, the senior aide said. Prince Charles young’ statement also pays tribute to his father’s “wonderful, dedicated service to the Queen, my family and country, but also to the entire Commonwealth. Prince Charles added.

He was very much loved and appreciated, and among other things, I can imagine that he would be so deeply moved by the number of people here and around the world and in the Commonwealth who also, I think, share our loss and our sorrow. His comments followed a day of gunfire across the UK and tributes to political leaders and royalty from around the world.

At Buckingham Palace with a flag at half-mast, a continuous stream of well-wishers poured their respects, although crowds have dropped significantly after warnings to stay away due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

Prince Philip’s funeral, as Buckingham Palace announced, will be entirely dedicated to Windsor Castle after an eight-minute ceremonial procession at the castle grounds. The funeral plans were finally approved by the Queen, and the funeral plans were significantly reduced due to the pandemic and in line with current government health directives, the palace said. There will be no public access, although the service and short procession will be televised.

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