Fuel price in Nigeria unrealistic triggered scarcity

Fuel scarcity

Fuel price in Nigeria – Queue are deteriorating despite the scarcity of surrounding Abuja

Fuel price in Nigeria instability instigated the recent product scarcity in the nation. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said the long queues were due to the storage of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), also known as gasoline.

A spokeswoman for the corporation, Dr Kennie Obateru, claimed there was enough products in stock and the scarcity would soon disappear.

Mr Clement Isong, chief executive of the Nigerian Petroleum Markets Association could not be reached for comment as at the time of this report, it was claimed that “The issue around the retail price has not been resolved at all. It seems the government has jettisoned deregulation. We are being forced to sell at a price that is not profitable. The ground is not level and we are told to sell at the same price with NNPC retail stations, that we shouldn’t increase the price. This is the cause of the scarcity, ”the MOMAN official said.

Fuel price in Nigeria, the NNPC reported that the planting cost remained at N158 and that there was no reason to raise fuel prices; at least for now. However, it was observed in Abuja and its environs on Tuesday night  that long queue and tension  was still ongoing at some gas stations. At the NNPC trading station in Central District, Abuja, it was observed that motorists still had difficulty getting to the station as many of its gates were closed.

Fuel price in Nigeria and retailers attitudes to sales, as at late hour on Tuesday, the situation was similar at the various gas station, where it was also difficult for motorists to get the product.nRoadside fuel haulers took advantage of fuel price in Nigeria instability seen selling gasoline in cans to motorists at exorbitant prices, who could not stand the long lines. A ten liter gallon of fuel is sold between N4,500 and 5,000 respectively. A noisy and confused situation was also observed at Gegu gas staion in Kubwa express way, AYM Shafa at Dutse Bwari road, a situation whereby Dutse Bwari road was completely locked down for several hours till late in the night.  Dan oil  and Eterna gas stations in Jabi was strongly affected.

Various attempts to end the subsidy regime by deregulating the downdraft have become a constant subject of violent conflicts between government and workers; sometimes leading to grueling strikes damaging the national economy. The Nigerian government through her relevant agencies needs to improve in the principle of consistency in petroleum management business.


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