Beach in Lagos – The place of relaxation, experience and history

Beach in Lagos is a place to visit for sea refreshing flow of cold air. Readers pick their favorites from Atlantic to Channel.

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Seabirds, Shipwreck & Witchcraft, Isle and Island

 Bar beach in Lagos

Beach in Lagos such as Bar Beach is a long sandy beach that extends to Atlantic Ocean. In winter, this is an abandoned place where adults, children and dogs can stretch their legs, watch seabirds or collect unusual shells. Discover a medieval fish trap, a wreck in the sands, and discover where legendary witches landed centuries ago. Set against a backdrop of green wooded hills, the beach sits on a coastal path, so you can walk or ride here, or if you’re lucky, you might see dolphins or porpoises playing in the bay.

February is a great month to go outside and admire the sea, but finding a beach that is not flooded by huge Atlantic waves can be a challenge here sometime. Families  often visit Victoria Island in Logos to experience the wonders of the beach and to catch fun. In winter, the white sand beach is often filled with surfers who are not afraid of the cold and families with dogs. At the end of the beach, you can climb a hill from where you can view the entire peninsula, watch gannets diving and, if you’re really lucky, a burst of humpback salmon. Best of all, when it reopens, there is a fabulous café serving takeaway tea and delicious breakfasts to keep warm.

Lake Beach

Lake beach is another interesting beach in Lagos, is a land of dunes, coastlines, seabirds, and history, just a few kilometer away from the popular Victoria island in Lagos. During winter walks, there are often strong tides, invigorating winds and sand gnawing at your face. Birds scamper along the shore, wrapped beach rowers search for trophies, children scream up and down the dunes, and adults just wander. Particularly strong tides wash away sand and expose silt. Found traces of an adult and a child – relics of a thousand years ago. What did they see? Just like us? We walked with these prehistoric beach rowers along sea inspiring coastline.

Notable events at the beach in Lagos

Beach in Lagos attracted some notable events since early 1970s to the late 1980s, during the military regime, Bar Beach was also the site where many convicted armed robbers and conspirators were shot. It has always been a public spectacle with thousands of spectators, including television cameras and print journalists.  The first public execution in Nigeria took place in Bar Beach in 1971. It was Babatunde Folorunsho for armed robbery. Others include Joseph Ilobo, Williams Alders Oyazimo, Lawrence Anini, and Dr. Oyenusi in the 90s. Convicted of organizing a coup d’etat in February 1976 that killed General Murtala Mohammed, including Major General ID Bisalla and Colonel Buka Suka Dimka were also shot at Bar Beach.

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